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Why must it be so hard to watch?

Dice K scares the SoxF

Dice K scares the Sox

For the second time in a couple of weeks, the White Sox were mesmerized by the frisbees being thrown by Dice KKKKKKKKKK (as shown by Red Sox fans updating the sign throughout the game).


And Ozzie Guillen extended his losing streak of bringing in the wrong relief pitcher at the wrong time. I love the White Sox, but they have to be the hardest team to watch anywhere. Why are we the only team I see that loves to lean out of the box trying to hit ball four in the dirt in the other batters box? I know that is an exaggeration,  but it happens so often in the bad games, I wonder why it happens so often. I was amazed by the video aid used by the NESN TV feed showing four and five pitches, all out of the strikezone box they showed, as a recap after each strikeout. Dice K was pitching frisbees all over that we were swinging at. But we were not swinging at the balls hitting the center of that box. Frustrating to watch. This is almost as maddening as watching the erroneous plays in the field after great catches. Maybe by September, concentration on the game becomes more consistent so we can still have a memorable season. And Ozzie, quit trying to get away with the the worst pitching option just to see if you can get away with it. We Sox fans want to cheer you, not mutter under our breath when we see you go out to the mound.


Is Lovie up to the task? Needs to put a topping on the “VANILLA” Sundae

Lovie hoping for divine intervention

Lovie hoping for divine intervention

Now that the preseason is over, what is the feeling we get from the Bears performances? My feelings are hopeful for the help we will get from the new players, doubtful on my confidence in the high paid veterans on the team, and downright confused on the competence of Lovie Smith and his coaching staff. The move to Kyle Orton, while not invoking enthusiasm on my part, seems to be at least acceptable for the moment. The play of the veterans, especially Brian Urlacher (a non factor), Lance Briggs (who? the invisible one) and Mike Brown (where’s the red cape the bulls keep missing?). Not to mention the veteran corners (“If I had an answer I’d tell you right now,” cornerback Charles Tillman said. “We have to get this cleaned up.”)

But the competence of the coaching staff, especially on defense, leaves me wondering. Bob Babich was succint: “People being able to run the ball is the biggest concern” he said after the Brown’s game. Lovie spent the post game proclaiming his favorite word “VANILLA we were VANILLA”.  He summed up the performance of the starters thusly: “I’m disappointed, The plan was to get a couple of three-and-outs and then take the players out, but it didn’t turn out that way. We didn’t play well.” Not only did they not play well, they stunk! Brady Quinn looked like Tom Brady marching up and down the field. At least the subs looked good against the Browns’ subs. Is Lovie orchestrating a winning team by letting them loaf through the preseason, or is he an incompetent who does not know the meaning of the word “training” camp? I fear the latter is the case. Let’s hope I’m wrong and the vets will “turn it on” next week against the Colts. but I fear that’s not the case.

My two cents before tonite’s Bears Game

Kyle in action

Kyle in action

I’m holding my breath and bracing myself for the beginning of the Kyle Orton era, I hope for the best, but give it no longer than six games. The only saving grace is we still have Devon Hester to field kickoffs and the rare punts by the opponents. If I hear one more time the media spn that Orton is a good “manager” I may become pals with my toilet bowl. Do we really want a manager?  And how can I trust the spin that we have a “dominent defense” as I watch first Kansas City, then Seattle run through out first team up and down the field. then listening to the line that we were vanilla and didn’t want to show our prowess as we are saving our good plays for the Colts. But alas, Bears fans are happy because Rex is on the bench.  After all we have pro bowl caliber receivers he missed often in the past like Bernard Berrian (the hit me instride or I’ll make sure I watch the other guy intercept it) and Muhammed (watch me drop it and blame on the System). Ok, let’s do it!