My two cents before tonite’s Bears Game

Kyle in action

Kyle in action

I’m holding my breath and bracing myself for the beginning of the Kyle Orton era, I hope for the best, but give it no longer than six games. The only saving grace is we still have Devon Hester to field kickoffs and the rare punts by the opponents. If I hear one more time the media spn that Orton is a good “manager” I may become pals with my toilet bowl. Do we really want a manager?  And how can I trust the spin that we have a “dominent defense” as I watch first Kansas City, then Seattle run through out first team up and down the field. then listening to the line that we were vanilla and didn’t want to show our prowess as we are saving our good plays for the Colts. But alas, Bears fans are happy because Rex is on the bench.  After all we have pro bowl caliber receivers he missed often in the past like Bernard Berrian (the hit me instride or I’ll make sure I watch the other guy intercept it) and Muhammed (watch me drop it and blame on the System). Ok, let’s do it!


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