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Bears “manage” to blow two in a row

The Bears did it. They managed to turn a promising looking season into one looking mediocre. They finally stopped somebody’s running backs only to make Brian Greise look like Peyton Manning. Their safeties got a lot of exercise chasing the receivers their corners were too tired to chase. The defensive line were offensive


Orton down

trying to chase that speedy QB who no longer plays for the Bears. Instead, they decided they could “manage” to score enough points to beat their old signal caller. They forgot one big  part of the faulty strategy. They had  no Devon Hester to give them a TD and  three or so field goals due to the field position he gives them. They assumed Kyle Orton could hold unto the ball and  could move the team into field goal range in his place. Ah, but the rub in the strategy is that Kyle Orton is Kyle Orton. The Kyle Orton who can throw a great three yard pass when he has all the time in the world. (When pressured, a screen pass turns into points for the opposition). He looks great when his receivers make super over the head acrobatic catches, but can’t hit a wide open receiver on a post pattern, making Marty Booker look like Bernard Berrian as the other team gets another interception. This Kyle Orton decides he can run better for six yards than Matt Forte can. This Kyle Orton forgets his tight ends because he never takes his eyes off his wide receivers. This Kyle Orton is the Kyle Orton who matches the team : mediocre.


My thoughts on the first game


I have a few thoughts on what took place Sunday night:

  • Matt Forte looks to be better than advertised. I saw a little Eric Dickerson, a little Neal Anderson, and a lot of heart. What I didn’t see was any of Cedrick Benson and thank the Bears for that.
  • I saw a very similar game to the Super Bowl statistically:
  • The first snap from center winded up bounding on the ground for a fumble.
  • The Colts dropped two Orton interceptions they caught a year and a half ago.
  • The statistics were amazingly similar:
  • Rex Grossman    20/28   165 yards   1 fumble             2 int
  • Kyle Orton          13/21    150 yards  2 fumbles (r)       2 int dropped by the Colts
  • Thomas Jones     15 carries     112 yards       0 TD      long 52
  • Matt Forte           23 carries     123 yards       1 TD      long 50
  • Colts scored winning TD on Grossman  int
  • Bears scored winning TD on Harrison fumble
The Bears got the luck of the bounces on the fumbles and the Colts did not make many plays that they did in the Super Bowl. Kyle Orton looked acceptable and made some good decisions. Devon Hester looked ordinary and made some poor decisions. But all in all the Bears were able to play a game on national tv
and not embarrass themselves.  That is progress!

Sox slugger Carlos Quentin to have wrist surgery

Oh NO! I just saw this headline and my heart sank. The only player I’ve seen on the White Sox that was performing game after game from day one of the season until this week, is gone for the rest of the season.

Now it is time for Nick Swisher, Jerry Owens and Ken Griffey Jr. to step up and take us to the playoffs. And time for Paul Konerko to make up for his lack of running ability to start trotting on home runs, not getting walks and clogging the basepaths. If some of our players would rediscover the bunt or hitting behind the runner, we wouldn’t need Paulie homers, but it is what it is.

What a bad time for this to happen, because recently the Sox hitters fell into the rut they were in before the lineup shakeup that put Quentin in the three spot in the lineup and re-energized the entire team. Now Ozzie is gonna fall into the Dye-Konerko-Thome trap where it takes four hits to get a run earlier in the lineup. We can only hope and pray for the best!

Comment on Mike Downey Cubs column

Zambrano injured?

Zambrano injured?

“If his labrum is torn, if he can’t accompany the Cubs where we expected them to go, a pretty decent chance exists that this team will not get there at all.

Yanking away their best pitcher really would indicate to the Cubs that the gods of baseball have it in for them. Hard to say why, but somebody up there doesn’t like them.” Mike Downey 9/4/08

What drama! This is the biggest load of hogwash I’ve ever read. Even smacks of wierd paranoia. The Cubs have built what they believe is a championship team capable of winning the world series. If the loss of one player., no matter how talented, stops them, then there is more at work than lack of talent. They would not be a team, able to overcome adversity. And wouldn’t deserve the prize anyhow.

The White Sox lost two closers and a starter in their championship season, and somehow, found a rookie, Bobby Jenks, and got one big inning out of their fifth starter Orlando Hernandez to overcome their adversity and win the prize. The St. Louis Cardinals won without their top pitcher.

Although a Sox fan, I admire the team the Cubs have assembled this year. The team looks capable. It is the fans and writers that can’t get over this mass hysteria of 100 years without a championship. There were a lot of diehard Sox fans who died without seeing a championship. But their kids and grandkids got to celebrate when the  T-E-A-M went out and won it. When it becomes a team win, and not some mass hysteria over perfection, it becomes Oh, So Sweet.