Comment on Mike Downey Cubs column

Zambrano injured?

Zambrano injured?

“If his labrum is torn, if he can’t accompany the Cubs where we expected them to go, a pretty decent chance exists that this team will not get there at all.

Yanking away their best pitcher really would indicate to the Cubs that the gods of baseball have it in for them. Hard to say why, but somebody up there doesn’t like them.” Mike Downey 9/4/08

What drama! This is the biggest load of hogwash I’ve ever read. Even smacks of wierd paranoia. The Cubs have built what they believe is a championship team capable of winning the world series. If the loss of one player., no matter how talented, stops them, then there is more at work than lack of talent. They would not be a team, able to overcome adversity. And wouldn’t deserve the prize anyhow.

The White Sox lost two closers and a starter in their championship season, and somehow, found a rookie, Bobby Jenks, and got one big inning out of their fifth starter Orlando Hernandez to overcome their adversity and win the prize. The St. Louis Cardinals won without their top pitcher.

Although a Sox fan, I admire the team the Cubs have assembled this year. The team looks capable. It is the fans and writers that can’t get over this mass hysteria of 100 years without a championship. There were a lot of diehard Sox fans who died without seeing a championship. But their kids and grandkids got to celebrate when the  T-E-A-M went out and won it. When it becomes a team win, and not some mass hysteria over perfection, it becomes Oh, So Sweet.


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