Sox slugger Carlos Quentin to have wrist surgery

Oh NO! I just saw this headline and my heart sank. The only player I’ve seen on the White Sox that was performing game after game from day one of the season until this week, is gone for the rest of the season.

Now it is time for Nick Swisher, Jerry Owens and Ken Griffey Jr. to step up and take us to the playoffs. And time for Paul Konerko to make up for his lack of running ability to start trotting on home runs, not getting walks and clogging the basepaths. If some of our players would rediscover the bunt or hitting behind the runner, we wouldn’t need Paulie homers, but it is what it is.

What a bad time for this to happen, because recently the Sox hitters fell into the rut they were in before the lineup shakeup that put Quentin in the three spot in the lineup and re-energized the entire team. Now Ozzie is gonna fall into the Dye-Konerko-Thome trap where it takes four hits to get a run earlier in the lineup. We can only hope and pray for the best!


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