Bears “manage” to blow two in a row

The Bears did it. They managed to turn a promising looking season into one looking mediocre. They finally stopped somebody’s running backs only to make Brian Greise look like Peyton Manning. Their safeties got a lot of exercise chasing the receivers their corners were too tired to chase. The defensive line were offensive


Orton down

trying to chase that speedy QB who no longer plays for the Bears. Instead, they decided they could “manage” to score enough points to beat their old signal caller. They forgot one big  part of the faulty strategy. They had  no Devon Hester to give them a TD and  three or so field goals due to the field position he gives them. They assumed Kyle Orton could hold unto the ball and  could move the team into field goal range in his place. Ah, but the rub in the strategy is that Kyle Orton is Kyle Orton. The Kyle Orton who can throw a great three yard pass when he has all the time in the world. (When pressured, a screen pass turns into points for the opposition). He looks great when his receivers make super over the head acrobatic catches, but can’t hit a wide open receiver on a post pattern, making Marty Booker look like Bernard Berrian as the other team gets another interception. This Kyle Orton decides he can run better for six yards than Matt Forte can. This Kyle Orton forgets his tight ends because he never takes his eyes off his wide receivers. This Kyle Orton is the Kyle Orton who matches the team : mediocre.


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