Forgive A-Rod? After all, he said he’s sorry?

Forgive A-Rod? After all, he said he’s sorry?


I love these stupid and gullible people who just dismiss cheating just because someone “admits” to what is only obviously part of the story.Where does that leave the non cheaters who made millions less and will never see the “hall of fame?” because their numbers looked mediocre beside the cheaters’ numbers?  Where do they get their due?

The sheep  who are now saying this are just as immoral as the cheater trying to get away from the scrutiny. And by the way, ESPN is way beyond that in “coverage ” of this story. All they want is someone to blame and excuses for their not doing their homework by covering something other than the Red Sox until something big happens in New York. No investigation. Just wall to wall quotes on crawlers about how sorry A Rod is. And 24 hour repetition of their scoop interview. But at least it gives us a break from their NFL fixation.


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