John Paxon – HERO!

I don’t have enough good things to say about John Paxon. A trjohn_paxsonue professional, unlike the writers who denigrate everything he does. I love how he got rid of all the dead weight on the roster (except for Deng, dang it) and kept the up and coming running youngsters. I have been hoping and praying to see Tyrus Thomas and Joakim Noah getting some playing time together for an extended period on the court together. Scott Skiles didn’t do it and HE GONE!!. Jim Boylan didn’t do it and HE GONE!!. I really believe one of the requirements of the job for Vinnie DelNagro was to play these guys and develop these guys to run the floor with Derrick Rose. It is now not only possible, it will have to happen or the team will be earning the first pick on merit, not ping pong balls. Imagine getting three players for Larry Hughes! Imagine getting two starters on an NBA team for four players  who rarely leave the bench (except for Nocioni). I liked Drew Gooden, but he and Nocioni caught the Larry Hughes “jack it up before someone on our team gets under the basket for a rebound” disease. I can now envision a lineup of Rose and Salmons at guard (against some teams Rose and Gordon) with Kirk and Ben rotating in. I see Tyrus, Joakim and  Deng or Salmons on the front line with Miller and Tim Thomas rotating in, with Aaron Gray around to hack the bigs that can’t shoot free throws on t he other teams.  NOW we have a ROTATION. And as a bonus, we got a first draft choice for Thabo Sefalosha!

If all the writers that bitch about the team Paxon built had to do it with the draft choices he had, I guarantee they would not have the team we have now, which will make the playoffs. Name me a player drafted after Noah that is a star. Tell me who we should draft instead of Derrick Rose? And I believe Tyrus Thomas is a star in the making, now that he discovered he can’t rely on the 20 foot jumper. Patience is all that is needed and Paxon proved by these trades that he has it and it will prove to be his greatest asset


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