Bears in Hibernation?

As shown above, players like these, resting comfortably, are the ones the Bears choose to spend their money on. I hate to sound like some of the other sportwriters in Chicago, but I will. I am questioning the sanity of any of us that give more than a single thought to the Chicago Bears.  Since they are in hibernation, just like the big lazy Bear above, we should all just ignore them and any draft moves they make. You know they will pass on Percy Harvin or any other playmaker and take some broken down lineman that won’t cost them anyting more than the rookie minimum. Or trade down for more cheapies.  All you season ticket holder are to blame for this. Years and years of no quarterback, no playmaker at wide receiver and offenses that were just that: offensive. You guys continue to sell out the stadium and feed their fix for your cash. You keep paying premium steak prices for low grade hamburger. So why should they upgrade?  I am not going to cry over any of the free agents they passed on individually, but the worst of the bunch would have been an upgrade over blanks that retired or got the boot, or retreads like a St. Clair, who you would think is a pro-bowler the way the Bears pretend they are chasing at all costs. The problem is it is not at all costs, it is not a probowler, so they see a chance for a lowball free agent.  They are n othing but lowball and we should turn in our jerseys and watch college football this season and ignore the Bears. They don’t deserve our attention. And all you season ticket holders… are fools for not boycotting this mess of a team.


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