The New Look Bulls are on a roll!


The new two headed monster may be the best center in the league when you combine their numbers. Noah/Miller are starting to regularly average 20/20 (20 points and 20 rebounds) with Noah blocking shots at a big clip.


The  forward duo of Thomas and Salmons are wreaking havoc on other teams with multi-point shooting, multi-rebound defense and eye-popping steals, blocks and other sterling defensive plays.  With Kirk Heinrich outplaying starters on other teams in relief of Derrick Rose and Ben Gordon shooting lights out more consistently, the Bulls are peaking at the right time. Five wins in the last six games have them staring at the 7 seed and maybe streaking toward the 6 seed in the playoffs. If this keeps up we are going have to get John Paxon and Vinnie DelNegro big-time contract extensions. I like what I see and ask that all Chicago fans open up their eyes and get on the playoff badwagon. The Bulls Express is leaving the station.


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