Sox win opener! Thome #1

Jim Thome - Mr. Incredible

Jim Thome - Mr. Incredible

Sox win! Thome hits game winning homer in the eighth. Opening  day a success. So far so good for the White Sox and all those “question marks” the Chicago sports media keep harping on. In the opening game Question mark Getz had two hits, including a double that barely made it out of the infield and was plenty good in the field. Question mark Fields also had two hits, with a remarkable run-saving, possible game saving play with the bases loaded. Question mark Thome was incredible, and question mark Clayton Richard kept the Sox in the game with two scoreless innings.

Here’s how Mark Gonzalez of the Tribune summarized it: Although it was the old guy who will get all the headlines, it was the White Sox‘s so-called young guys who made the 4-2 Opening Day victory over Kansas City possible.

That didn’t go unnoticed by manager Ozzie Guillen, who may have spent his spring in Arizona but heard complaints all the way from Chicago from fans unhappy with new pieces being inserted in the defending American League Central Division Champions.

“A lot of people will be talking about Jimmy [Thome’s] home run, obviously, because that’s a big one for us,” he said. “But if you look at … Josh Fields‘ bunt to third base, the hit-and-run by the kid [Chris] Getz. The biggest piece of the game [was when Clayton Richard] went out and shut it down for a couple innings to give us the opportunity to keep competing.”

Fields and Getz directly accounted for three of the four runs and scored ahead of Thome after his eighth-inning, game-winning homer.

All in all, a great start. I am still a little concerned about some of the lack of clutch hitting again, especially by Quentin and Ramirez, but it’s a long season, and hopefully the first game is a harbinger of a great new season for Sox fans. I like the changes and the young guys we now have in the minors for the future. Go Sox!


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