Rose makes it his Garden in defeat of Boston

Rose makes it his Garden in defeat of Boston

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The kids are ALRIGHT! Two years ago, I cheered when the Bulls drafted Joakim Noah. My thought process was that eventually he and Tyrus Thomas were so quick and athletic that together they were unstoppable. Then when we got the first pick last year, my only thought was ….Derrick Rose….to run with the big guys. Well, my thought process was bourne out and demonstrated for all to see today when the baby Bulls grew together into a playoff threat.

The last year and a half of Skiles/ Boylan were so frustrating because Thomas and Noah were spending a lot of time on the bench and never on the floor together. I thought maybe I was nuts when I thought these two together were a big deal. But thank goodness John Paxon was smart enough to see the  light and found a coach that had the insight and bravery to go against the grain and the press and play the right combinations on the court together. And here we are… A playoff victory in the first game together for the kids. Let the new Bulls era begin!


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