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Who needs another prima donna?

Prima Donna Jake Peavy has rejected trade to the White Sox because he didn’t want to play for Ozzie Guillen, or face American League hitters in a “hitters ballpark”.  Welll who the hell needs him? Anybody that skittish belongs in San Diego on a losing team. This should be a warning for the Cubs as well, but they seem intent on overspending anyhow. Anyway, we need some hitters. Gavin Floyd will come around and I like the pitchers we would have given up in this trade.

Just found this great post on Comcast Sportsnet by Chuck Garfien:

Jake, it’s your call

And now that Peavy has reportedly rejected the deal, I have to get something off my chest.

If it’s true that what prevented Peavy from coming to the Sox was his concern for playing in the American League, specifically a home run park like U.S. Cellular Field, then you know what…forget him. Let the National League have him.

What’s the problem? Scared???

Yes, teams do score more runs at U.S. Cellular Field. But you know what? One of those teams is the Chicago White Sox, who for the last decade have been pounding the ball into submission on the Southside. They’ll give you more than enough runs of support.

Unless you were pitching today. Or last week.

But the offense will come around. Especially now that the summer weather is here.

And Jake, if you happened to notice, April, May, parts of June, and most importantly, October, can be quite cool here in Chicago, giving the pitcher quite the advantage. Just ask Mark Buehrle.

The Sox ace has pitched for the Sox since 2000. His career ERA on the road is 3.96. His ERA at home drops to 3.61.

And the National League hasn’t exactly been a safe haven for your ERA either. Check out your career ERAs in these N.L. parks:

Chase Field: 5.78
Shea Stadium: 4.65
Coors Field: 4.59
Turner Field: 4.38
AT&T: 4.06
Wrigley Field: 3.86

Look, not everyone can pitch in the cavernous Petco Park, where you have enjoyed a 2.71 ERA.

You’re going to have to take your lumps somewhere. The Sox were hoping it was going to be here. Oh well.

So I guess it’s back to the drawing board for Peavy and the Padres. Not to mention Kenny Williams, who is likely already back in his bunker, possibly plotting his next move.

Unfortunately, he won’t be able to top this. Too bad.


Great post


Blackhawks are exciting!

Hat trick for Kane! Hawks clinch!

Hat trick for Kane! Hawks clinch!

The Blackhawks game had a third period to remember! Two goals by Patrick Kane and Nikolai Khabibulin playing a rock that was immovable made it a game to remember for a long time. I don’t often get to see the Hawks on TV in Florida and I didn’t think they were this good! They were flying all over the ice and overcoming stupid penalties with effort, speed (that’s a new one for the Blackhawks) and determination. Brian Campbell has to be  the fastest defenseman I’ve ever seen. Even Bobby Orr in his prime wasn’t this fast. The coverage I saw on VS was great (they used the Chicago announcers in the feed), but their background coverage is wonderful. I hope the Hawks can do well in the Conference finals, and  if it’s this good. I’ll be watching with excitement.

Time for Kenny Williams to re-evaluate the current Sox roster

I am not panicking because my favorite team can’t drive in a run if they saw one coming toward them. I am not panicking because other teams take  second and third base at will on the Sox catchers. (I know they blame  the pitchers, but the feeble attempts by the catchers, when they make them, make me turn away in disgust). I am questioning whether Kenny Williams and the Sox brass think Ozzie Guillen is a miracle worker or if we need some reinforcements on the current roster. Jim Thome is turning into a once a week contributor. Alexie Ramirez is not as advertised this season. And Scott Posednick is not the answer to either center field or leadoff. There have been some good performances by Jayson Nix and Chris Getz and at times Paul Konerko, but where is everybody else? I am inserting a pdf file with the stats as of this week and it is frightening:


11th out of 15 teams in hitting (.262)

8th out of 15 teams in pitching (only because the era stats have been pretty good)

No White Sox players in any leader categories except Carlos Quentin third  with 8 homers and Mark Buerhle third with 4-0 record. Oh yeah, Jenks second in saves with 8. The rest of the team dropped into the black hole of anonymity. It’s a good thing they have to name one player to the all-star team or we’d be shut out. I’m not asking for an all star, just some recognition we even have a team. With our stats, we are mediocre at best and that hope for a division title is looking more like a pipe dream. The weather is not an excuse. It is cold in Detroit and Cleveland and elsewhwere, and they have some good players. Time  for a shake up!

Sox looking anemic again, lose to Rangers

danks11 I am starting to get concerned with the White Sox, particularly the lineups Ozzie keeps trotting out there. They seem to get more anemic as we go along. Some of the guys are getting on base, but don’t get to second or third. The next one, two or three hitters in the lineup will choke at the possibility of driving in a run. The ESPN announcers were even revelling in their newfound knowledge that the White Sox can only score on a home run. It seems that bunching the speed players at the bottom and top doesn’t work for this team. It seems that some how we have got to separate Dye, Konerko and Thome in the lineup. This year they are not clogging the bases as much as last year, but they are failing again to drive each other in. They are just not hitting together. It doesn’t help that Alexie Ramirez can’t hit anybody lately.  It seems like Jayson Nix, Chris Getz and Gordon Beckham (when he gets here) are the only consistent hitters and Alexie playing prevents them from all getting in the lineup. Seems like some rotation strategy is called for, but Ozzie likes to play the same lineup every day.  I think dropping down a Dye or Konerko and getting a Nix or Fields in the middle of the lineup might do something. Anything is better than watching runners on third dying there over and over and over. It puts too much pressure on the starting pitchers who Ozzie likes to leave in long enough to get a victory. Their every mistake is magnified. We have a nice mix of players on this team but they are out of sync. It’s no time to panic, but it may be time to make some changes to at least lineup positions. I hope I’m just being a worry wart and things get better soon. We Sox fans love the team and want to see a little  offensive action to help out our pitchers

Thank you Vinnie DelNegro



I got excited in the offseason when I thought Doug Collins would be the Bulls’ coach.  I was disappointed when he was not named.  I thought he was the perfect choice for this young team and would make them exciting. I guess I was wrong. It seems that John Paxon not only found a coach that has been willing to let Tyrus Thomas (to a point) and Joakim Noah (to a point) become that tandem I was hoping for. No matter what happens more this season, Vinnie DelNegro has orchestrated a playoff we will not soon forget. Just look at some of the comments in the local papers:

His steal, 3-point play, Rose’s block force Game 7

It’s the fourth quarter Thursday night, and a fan sitting behind me asks a question of no one in particular: “What the hell is happening?” Actually, it’s more of a plaintive cry than a question.

Well, let’s see. The Celtics have just scored 18 unanswered points to take an eight-point lead late in Game 6. The Bulls have just missed seven straight shots, thrown the ball away once and been given a technical.

The short answer to what the hell is happening is that the world is falling apart, piece by painful piece.

But then the expected happened, this being the series from a galaxy far, far away. The Bulls come back. Of course they do because that’s what the crazy, ridiculous script calls for.


New Bulls TV show: Heroes

I’m here for the fun …

The Bulls were looking for a hero.

They found a bunch of them.

In three overtimes, they had to.

At first, it looked like it would be John Salmons.

We already knew that Salmons has made Luol Deng expendable. But it was looking as if he was making Ben Gordon the same.

Salmons was money when the guy who wants the big money couldn’t play. After just 12 points on 4-of-14 shooting and an air ball at the end of regulation, Gordon was on the bench with six fouls and a technical.

In his place, Salmons drove for a layup in the final 30 seconds of the first overtime to get the Bulls even in a gotta-have-it Game 6. Then he put on a show in the second overtime. He drew a fifth foul on Paul Pierce and hit both free throws. He hit a three over Ray Allen. He drove for a layup to put the Bulls up by three.

All of this in about two minutes, by the way.

But Salmons in the second overtime and his 35 points overall were not enough. So, it looked as if Brad Miller would be the hero. It looked as if Miller would get his revenge the way good pros do.

Bloodied at the mouth, the result of an uncalled flagrant foul by Rajon Rondo at the end of a Game 5 loss in Boston, Miller came off the bench in Game 6 and scored 20 points, including a stunning drive from the top of the key to tie it at the end of regulation.

But most importantly, the guy who was woozy at the free-throw line from the Rondo smack in Boston, soberly sank two free throws at the end of the first overtime in Chicago.

Still, the ragged defending champion Celtics would not go away, especially Ray Allen, who went for 51, including a massive three to give us a third overtime.

Goodness, did the Bulls need a hero now.

Joakim Noah, anyone?

No way.


There he was, sticking out his long arms, deflecting a Pierce pass in the final minute of a tied third overtime, then racing down the court and jamming the ball while drawing Pierce’s sixth and final foul.

Basket, free throw, Bulls up by three with 35 seconds to go, and one of Boston’s two best clutch shooters was gone. Says hero to me.

But no. Even that incomprehensible highlight was not enough.

And then the kid made a play.

After Kirk Hinrich stunningly missed a layup that would’ve sealed it, Boston had the ball down one with 16.7 to play. As Rondo drove, spun and rose up for a potential game-winning shot, Derrick Rose soared to block it.

Time remained, the ball was loose, and there was the Rookie of the Year, picking up a loose ball and racing to the other end to draw a foul with 3.2 seconds to go. He missed both shots, but no matter.

The Celtics were out of timeouts and out of miracles.

The Bulls were in Game 7. In a locker room full of heroes.

Rosenblog ……May 1, 2009


Chicago Bulls’ Joakim Noah fired up after his heroics

Joakim Noah looked like, well, a runaway Bull as he dribbled downcourt, anticipating the foul that never came.

“I thought I would get fouled right away for sure,” Noah said of his game-changing steal, full-court drive and dunk that fouled Paul Pierce out in triple overtime. “It never came. So I just dunked it in.”

Ho and hum? Actually, Noah could barely contain his emotions after his play that included a game-high 15 rebounds.

“I feel great, like I could play again right now,” Noah said. “You’re numb to being tired and aches and pains because this is bigger than that. That’s what wanting to win is all about.”

K.C. Johnson, Chicag Tribune  May 1, 2009


Noah way: A battle back from ‘death’

OK, just stop it. This really can’t be happening, can it? C’mon, another overtime game — this one a triple-overtime affair? Get me some antacid pills, and get me an extension on my deadline.

Perhaps the only appropriate thing to say after the Bulls survived for a 128-127 triple-overtime victory Thursday night in Game 6 against the Boston Celtics to force a Game 7 on Saturday was this: