Sox looking anemic again, lose to Rangers

danks11 I am starting to get concerned with the White Sox, particularly the lineups Ozzie keeps trotting out there. They seem to get more anemic as we go along. Some of the guys are getting on base, but don’t get to second or third. The next one, two or three hitters in the lineup will choke at the possibility of driving in a run. The ESPN announcers were even revelling in their newfound knowledge that the White Sox can only score on a home run. It seems that bunching the speed players at the bottom and top doesn’t work for this team. It seems that some how we have got to separate Dye, Konerko and Thome in the lineup. This year they are not clogging the bases as much as last year, but they are failing again to drive each other in. They are just not hitting together. It doesn’t help that Alexie Ramirez can’t hit anybody lately.  It seems like Jayson Nix, Chris Getz and Gordon Beckham (when he gets here) are the only consistent hitters and Alexie playing prevents them from all getting in the lineup. Seems like some rotation strategy is called for, but Ozzie likes to play the same lineup every day.  I think dropping down a Dye or Konerko and getting a Nix or Fields in the middle of the lineup might do something. Anything is better than watching runners on third dying there over and over and over. It puts too much pressure on the starting pitchers who Ozzie likes to leave in long enough to get a victory. Their every mistake is magnified. We have a nice mix of players on this team but they are out of sync. It’s no time to panic, but it may be time to make some changes to at least lineup positions. I hope I’m just being a worry wart and things get better soon. We Sox fans love the team and want to see a little  offensive action to help out our pitchers


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