Time for Kenny Williams to re-evaluate the current Sox roster

I am not panicking because my favorite team can’t drive in a run if they saw one coming toward them. I am not panicking because other teams take  second and third base at will on the Sox catchers. (I know they blame  the pitchers, but the feeble attempts by the catchers, when they make them, make me turn away in disgust). I am questioning whether Kenny Williams and the Sox brass think Ozzie Guillen is a miracle worker or if we need some reinforcements on the current roster. Jim Thome is turning into a once a week contributor. Alexie Ramirez is not as advertised this season. And Scott Posednick is not the answer to either center field or leadoff. There have been some good performances by Jayson Nix and Chris Getz and at times Paul Konerko, but where is everybody else? I am inserting a pdf file with the stats as of this week and it is frightening:


11th out of 15 teams in hitting (.262)

8th out of 15 teams in pitching (only because the era stats have been pretty good)

No White Sox players in any leader categories except Carlos Quentin third  with 8 homers and Mark Buerhle third with 4-0 record. Oh yeah, Jenks second in saves with 8. The rest of the team dropped into the black hole of anonymity. It’s a good thing they have to name one player to the all-star team or we’d be shut out. I’m not asking for an all star, just some recognition we even have a team. With our stats, we are mediocre at best and that hope for a division title is looking more like a pipe dream. The weather is not an excuse. It is cold in Detroit and Cleveland and elsewhwere, and they have some good players. Time  for a shake up!


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