Watching the White Sox, Why?

The only offense we will ever see this year

The only offense we will ever see this year

Watching the Sox again on my computer, feeling like I’m not  getting my $20 worth of this month’s MLB package subscription. I just watched Brian Anderson swat a mighty ground ball to the shortstop with the bases loaded in the first inning of tonight’s Dodgers game. I think I’ve seen that  mighty hit a million times by every Sox player that comes up with the bases loaded.  Or with the bases empty. That’s when they aren’t whiffing. Before the game I saw Jared Mitchell hit a three run homer for LSU in the college World Series and thought, bring him in now…… anybody that can hit the ball out of the infield please. The crowds are thinning at US Cellular because nobody can keep watching this team look  like useless minor leaguers. Maybe a lineup shuffle won’t help. Maybe backing up the truck would be better. I keep hoping  some day we will see some sign of life. But two hits in eight innings saw me  close the lid on my laptop early last night. I cringe watching Jim Thome  rcvvlooking overmatched whiffing at everything except the strikes right over the plate. I wanna be a loyal fan, but I may be closing the lid soon again tonight. And maybe next month I’ll save my $20 and buy the Bulls games in the fall instead.


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