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White Sox get Peavy in 4-for-1 deal with Padres

White Sox get Peavy in 4-for-1 deal with Padres

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I guess I have to eat my words again.  The White Sox just cemented the next five to ten years where they will have an all star rotation of Floyd, Danks, Buerhle and Peavy with a good fifth starter fromthe current minor leagues. When I posted earlier that we don’t need this prima donna, I was wrong. With Gordon Beckham, Jared Mitchell, Chris Getz, Carlos Quentin, Alexie Ramirez, Tyler Flowers, Dayan Viciedo, to be the core of future dynamo of a team, I dare say we will be seeing another World Series in the next five years. I am especially excited about having the last two College World Series MVP’s in Becham and Mitchell. With an all star rotation, a good bullpen anchored by Jenks and Matt Thornton, the future is as bright as can be. If we can now get Ozzie to learn how to use his bullpen……….


Report: Manny Ramirez, David Ortiz tested positive for drugs in 2003

Report: Manny Ramirez, David Ortiz tested positive for drugs in 2003 :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Baseball

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Well, it now seems that the Red Sox cheated their way to the 2004 Championship. Yankees, Red Sox, AROD, Clemans, Giambi, Manny, Big Poppi. All ESPN heroes, all Sportcenter headliners. One thing I’m pretty sure of, nobody on this years Jeckyll/Hyde White Sox team are on the juice. Unless its a treatment drug for schizophrenia.

Circus is back in town

Circus is back in town

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Here’s a note to all you gullible sportswriters who have been falling all over yourselves       praising John McDonough and the job the front office was doing. Well they now showed themselves to be self-serving jokes that had to reward Scotty Bowman for joining their team when they were in the pits, all  for PR platitudes. So now fire the architect of the big comeback of the Hawks for some Nepotism….kinda of how Rocky Wirtz now owns the team. In my mind this smells bad and the stink now stains any future accomplishments. Reminds me of the Bulls firing Doug Collins when the team was on the brink of a dynasty. If John McDonough can sleep at night, bully for him. He doesn’t fool me like he does the sportswriters.

Sox GM Williams just being honest about attendance dip

Sox GM Williams just being honest about attendance dip :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMEgreatS :: Neil Hayes

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This is an eye opening column. Somebody else justifying operating on the cheap, and blaming the fans and the pricing plans. Well I submit that the fans would show up if the first half of the season was something that resembles major league baseball on a consistent basis. Paul Konerko used the term “Jekyll and Hyde”. Well to most fans. we had to wait a long time for Hyde to turn back into Jekyll.  And Ozzie’s handling of the pitchers and the lineup at times drove me away rather than drew my interest. The Sox are just darn lucky that one of their cheapie additions turned to gold when Scotty Pods started playing over his head. Konerko has been everything he wasn’t last season when he turned us all off. AJ still can’t throw but he is hitting much better than last year. My only complaint is there were a lot of bargain free agents available before the season that could have made watching the Sox a little more enjoyable but instead, we went cheap. Like the Bulls, we are gonna have to wait for the kids to grow up and when they get ready to get paid, we will wave goodbye. I remember when we couldn’t pay Maglio or Carlos because the fans weren’t showing support then either, according to the company line. If you looked at the national USA Today or local papers outside Chicago, the fact that Paul Konerko hit three home runs and drove in seven runs made no headlines. Because the White Sox don’t mind being irrelevant. They’d rather tread water with their half full crowds, using the excuse that money is tight and they don’t have to spend money on a Halladay or any other all-star candidate. Maybe Beckham or Getz or Ramirez will be stars in the future. But they will be playing for Boston or New York or LA when they make the all star team. That’s the Chicago way.

Bulls bring back Jannero Pargo on 1-year deal

Bulls bring back Jannero Pargo on 1-year deal :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES

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Well, the Bulls have done it again. They slapped us in the face rather than thank all the fans for their support of constantly rebuilding teams. With Alan Iverson and Llamr Odom out there to add some major ability to the bench on this team, we cheap out and resign Jannero Pargo from the minor leagues of Europe. Instead of adding pieces like the other contenders, we add a second rate minor leaguer off the scrap heap. I don’t want to berate Mr. Pargo, who I know is a great guy and a passable 12th man, but they just told us they have punted the upcoming season. The Cavs add Shaq, The Lakers add Artest, the Pistons add Ben Gordon, The Magic add Vince Carter, and the Bulls add Pargo. Is this advancement toward a tiltle? Forget it. And the Dwayne Wades of the world are watching how aggressive this Chicago team is in building a contender. And we will watch them sign next year elsewhere. And the Bulls will choke on that cap room.

White Sox not raising white flag

White Sox not raising white flag

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White Sox Indians BaseballWell, just when I declare the Sox dead, then go on to pan them again in my last post, what happens? They start playing better and actually start playing something we recognize as baseball again. The hired sportswriters are calling it National League ball, but I don’t care what you call it, it is starting to look like competition. I guess I’ll have to resubscribe on my MLB package for July and keep watching. Now that Gordon Beckham is finally looking relaxed, Chris Getz is showing signs of life and Alexei has been reawakened by the Ozzie comments, the new Scott Posednick led Sox are on a small roll. ( Who’d have ever believed Scott Posednick would discover how to be a major leaguer? And no matter what the writers say, he was never this good in 2005. He is even fielding well, which he never did before. What is he on? Our three young pitchers are doing well. Jose Contreras is showing signs of life, and  Buerhle is Buerhle. With the bullpen doing pretty well, absent a few glitches from Matt Thornton, the stage seems set. Will the Sox reenter the major leagues or will they return to form? I am still a big fan and hope it is a legitimate winning month we are looking at in July. Happy Holiday!