White Sox not raising white flag

White Sox not raising white flag

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White Sox Indians BaseballWell, just when I declare the Sox dead, then go on to pan them again in my last post, what happens? They start playing better and actually start playing something we recognize as baseball again. The hired sportswriters are calling it National League ball, but I don’t care what you call it, it is starting to look like competition. I guess I’ll have to resubscribe on my MLB package for July and keep watching. Now that Gordon Beckham is finally looking relaxed, Chris Getz is showing signs of life and Alexei has been reawakened by the Ozzie comments, the new Scott Posednick led Sox are on a small roll. (http://mlb.mlb.com/media/video.jsp?mid=200907015342413) Who’d have ever believed Scott Posednick would discover how to be a major leaguer? And no matter what the writers say, he was never this good in 2005. He is even fielding well, which he never did before. What is he on? Our three young pitchers are doing well. Jose Contreras is showing signs of life, and  Buerhle is Buerhle. With the bullpen doing pretty well, absent a few glitches from Matt Thornton, the stage seems set. Will the Sox reenter the major leagues or will they return to form? I am still a big fan and hope it is a legitimate winning month we are looking at in July. Happy Holiday!


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