Bulls bring back Jannero Pargo on 1-year deal

Bulls bring back Jannero Pargo on 1-year deal :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES

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Well, the Bulls have done it again. They slapped us in the face rather than thank all the fans for their support of constantly rebuilding teams. With Alan Iverson and Llamr Odom out there to add some major ability to the bench on this team, we cheap out and resign Jannero Pargo from the minor leagues of Europe. Instead of adding pieces like the other contenders, we add a second rate minor leaguer off the scrap heap. I don’t want to berate Mr. Pargo, who I know is a great guy and a passable 12th man, but they just told us they have punted the upcoming season. The Cavs add Shaq, The Lakers add Artest, the Pistons add Ben Gordon, The Magic add Vince Carter, and the Bulls add Pargo. Is this advancement toward a tiltle? Forget it. And the Dwayne Wades of the world are watching how aggressive this Chicago team is in building a contender. And we will watch them sign next year elsewhere. And the Bulls will choke on that cap room.


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