Sox GM Williams just being honest about attendance dip

Sox GM Williams just being honest about attendance dip :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMEgreatS :: Neil Hayes

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This is an eye opening column. Somebody else justifying operating on the cheap, and blaming the fans and the pricing plans. Well I submit that the fans would show up if the first half of the season was something that resembles major league baseball on a consistent basis. Paul Konerko used the term “Jekyll and Hyde”. Well to most fans. we had to wait a long time for Hyde to turn back into Jekyll.  And Ozzie’s handling of the pitchers and the lineup at times drove me away rather than drew my interest. The Sox are just darn lucky that one of their cheapie additions turned to gold when Scotty Pods started playing over his head. Konerko has been everything he wasn’t last season when he turned us all off. AJ still can’t throw but he is hitting much better than last year. My only complaint is there were a lot of bargain free agents available before the season that could have made watching the Sox a little more enjoyable but instead, we went cheap. Like the Bulls, we are gonna have to wait for the kids to grow up and when they get ready to get paid, we will wave goodbye. I remember when we couldn’t pay Maglio or Carlos because the fans weren’t showing support then either, according to the company line. If you looked at the national USA Today or local papers outside Chicago, the fact that Paul Konerko hit three home runs and drove in seven runs made no headlines. Because the White Sox don’t mind being irrelevant. They’d rather tread water with their half full crowds, using the excuse that money is tight and they don’t have to spend money on a Halladay or any other all-star candidate. Maybe Beckham or Getz or Ramirez will be stars in the future. But they will be playing for Boston or New York or LA when they make the all star team. That’s the Chicago way.


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