White Sox get Peavy in 4-for-1 deal with Padres

White Sox get Peavy in 4-for-1 deal with Padres

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I guess I have to eat my words again.  The White Sox just cemented the next five to ten years where they will have an all star rotation of Floyd, Danks, Buerhle and Peavy with a good fifth starter fromthe current minor leagues. When I posted earlier that we don’t need this prima donna, I was wrong. With Gordon Beckham, Jared Mitchell, Chris Getz, Carlos Quentin, Alexie Ramirez, Tyler Flowers, Dayan Viciedo, to be the core of future dynamo of a team, I dare say we will be seeing another World Series in the next five years. I am especially excited about having the last two College World Series MVP’s in Becham and Mitchell. With an all star rotation, a good bullpen anchored by Jenks and Matt Thornton, the future is as bright as can be. If we can now get Ozzie to learn how to use his bullpen……….


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