Alexei saves the White Sox….for the 1st time

White Sox rally in ninth to down Aardsma, Mariners – Game Recap – ESPN Chicago

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AR Crushes one to save Sox

AR Crushes one to save Sox

For the first time in 50 games, the White Sox actually came from behind in the ninth inning to win a game and move to within 2 games  of Detroit. Alexei Ramirez finally gave us a thrill and hopefully awoke the Sox from the dead again. The first eight innings were again the same old, same old Dr. Jekyll White Sox, taking abuse from a rookie pitcher, getting hit by pitches and not doing anything about it, letting the pitcher off the hook with weak grounders and mighty whiffs. I have no idea how this team can advance in any playoffs if they get that far, but it certainly is quite a ride if they get there. Earlier in the day Ozzie Guillen said he wanted to get a jaywalking ticket like his boss did so he can frame it and hang it on the wall. I suggest he instead teach the team to stop jaywalking on the bases and actually make it to home plate when they get on base. If that happens we may not need many more ninth inning saves.


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