What happened sportswriters?

RosenBlog: Beer-tosser almost as embarrassing as the Cubs

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Cubs causing long faces

Cubs causing long faces

I have not commented on the Cubs because before the season started I said I won’t. If you go into my past blogs, you will see I called out the sportswriters for anointing the Cubs automatic division winners without a pitch being thrown. I now challenge them to own up and say at least that the Cubs have issues. What upset me was on all the talk shows and especially on Chicago Tribune Live before the season, every guest writer on that show and most on the SCORE or AM1000 were declaring the White Sox having many issues, while the Cubs had few and they were automatic winners of the Central Division of the NL. I also remember them saying that St. Louis has no chance in a weak division. They wailed over the White Sox issues, which I acknowledge there was, but the White Sox were able to address most issues and continue to address them. Now the writers are calling for benching of Soriano, shaking up an already shook up lineup and now, calling out the fans. When things go wrong, Cub fans blame the fans. It may be time for Cub fans, especially the ones who declare themselves to be in the press, to chill out. I think the Cubs will still win their division, but my feeling is that their manager is panicking and he also seems to be a little senile in his reasoning when he tries to explain himself. Cub fans should stop drinking and carousing in the stands and start cheering for their team. Tossing their spare drinks in a drunken rage helps no one. C’mon Cub fans. Bring your team home.


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