Sho(u)t of the Day 9/1

Well the White Sox needed no “White Flag Trade” to prove again they have quit on us. Paul Konerko can talk a good game but his “leadership” stinks. Jermaine Dye is in a funk over Rios and should be elsewhere, not in this lineup they way he is hitting. Becham, Rios, and Getz are pressing trying to save the team, but the  veterans (all except AJ) have gone on vacation. We ought to shut down Carlos Quentin until his foot allows power to get those fly balls  out. Bring up the Danks’s, Flowers’s and Mitchell’s of the minors and play ’em. They can’t hit any worse. Bring up some pitchers and let them blow games instead of Linebrink, Pena (a waste), newly lost Bobby Jenks. If they are injured they need to sit, Ozzie is a VERY poor manager that way. Part of managing is playin the hot hand and using the players at 100% health. They may surprise you.

The Cubs also joined the blow the game, blow the season syndrome the Sox perfected, wrapping up a gift to the Astros, of all teams. More mis managing…… where does it end?


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