Sho(u)t of the Day 9/2

Well the White Sox finally had their second come from behind victory of the season and some of the sportwriters are whining that Kenny Williams is a) a traitor, b) desperate and impulsive, or the latest now, c) given up on his team.  These are the same Cub fan writers who harped on the Sox’s issues preseason and told us of their shortcomings all year. They are now reveling in kicking Ken Williams around since they are still smarting from his earlier moves that have not worked out yet. Let’s be honest. The older, slow, plodders are holding back future progress and were gonna be sent off this offseason or next anyway. It’s not what they got for Thome or Contreras but who they now can bring up and get experience in September, to hopefully replace them and others in the future. The current team should have been better, and they gave us all some heartache. But let us hope that the Danks brothers, Floyd, Hudson, Mitchell, Getz, Nix, Ramirez, Viciedo, Flowers, Beckham and other youngsters are as good as they appear to be. Add Peavy to the mix along with some bullpen additions, there is a lot to hope for in the next five years, That is what Kenny sees and I applaud him for it.


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