Ozzie admits my recent blogs were right

Sporting News Today – September 8, 2009

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Ozzie changing pitchers - alwayds at the wrong time

Ozzie changing pitchers - alwayds at the wrong time

The attached article in a national magazine confirms exactly what I have been saying all season. I love Ozzie Guillen as a person, I love his enthusiasm and even his game knowledge. But as a a manager in major league baseball, he stinks at the most important element, handling his team to maximum performance. Maximum performance can only be defined as winning record. I don’t know Ozzie’s overall record of manager, but I’d be surprised if it isn’t hovering somewhere around .500. If you told me it was around .600 I’d give  him a pass for a bad season and move on. But somebody has to take blame for this season, where he took a veteran laden lineup and got no consistency and actually poor performance, out of all the veterans except AJ Pierzynski, who already was one of the worst catchers defensively in baseball  (based on throwing out runners stealing at will on him).  At least AJ hit well and was moved around the lineup to take advantage of his hitting. This is the one thing Ozzie did that I think was good managing. The bad thing was that AJ was way overplayed in a position that needs a break at least once a week or more. If he did a better job with the other veterans he could have rested AJ properly and maybe even helped the defense.

Ozzie’s handling of pitchers has been awful and his timing was not just bad this year, but has been bad every year. Other teams seem to be able to get a few wins at least out of a fifth starter, but we as Sox fans have looked at a parade of losses every time we trot out a fifth starter. Why? They are not that much worse than a Cub, Tigers or Cardinals fifth starter, they are similarly flawed.  The difference is Ozzie does not know when to take them out of the game and who to replace them with.  Most of the games go along ok for three or four innings and then the roof caves in. Some smart managing might minimize these collapses, but no, it NEVER happens. A similar thing happens with our regular starters. They pitch their hearts out until they are done, and  Ozzie leaves them in to try to get them a win. But he doesn’t make lineups that produce run support, so this system is faulty. And when he goes to the bullpen, he always seems to get the wrong pitcher at the wrong time. He follows the book okay, but somehow it never works out.  Must we sit through these mistakes year after year? It appears so.


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