Bears fans: Wait till next year!

Well it didn’t take long. After waiting in line at the ESPN club for over an hour and a half to get a table watching a nice hd 32 inch TV (the Cowboys got all the big screens even though it was the game on local tv that nobody came to the bar to see) with the Bears game on. Before I even finished my share of the nachos, before even halftime…..poof the game was gone off our tv and the bears were relegated to a 19 incher in the corner of the bar I needed binoculars to see. But by this time I was already making enemies with other Bears fans by waving a white napkin of surrender and pleading for a bag to put over my head. It was 31-0 and it gave me an excuse to bail out and go see an awesome Taylor Dayne concert at Epcot. I am posting some videos on if you want to friend me and see them.


Taylor Dayne at Epcot Sunday. AWESOME!

But back to the Bears. Lovie Smith was totally outcoached again, just like the Atlanta game. Made no adjustments, just like the Atlanta game. The offensive line remained offensive, leaving Jay Cutler running for his life and mumbling something about Denver….. The defense was even more offensive letting that loafer Benson guy run instead of just falling down like he did when he was on the Bears. Of course when he was on the Bears he had to run behind the loafers of the line that made Grossman and Orton run for their lives. And he never got to run against the Bears defense (what defense?). I didn’t even get to write any critical blogs on the Bears and the season is all over. Since Lovie Smith looks like he’ll be around at least two more years after this one, the next three seasons may be all over. Oh well, the Bulls start Thursday and it will give me something to blog about. And the Blackhawks are looking good for a team with no goalie of any fame. But Bears fans. IT IS ALLLLLL OVER!!!!


One response to “Bears fans: Wait till next year!

  1. Dad,
    its time you start watching a real team in the Blackhawks. I believe they will be on a streak like to Bulls were when they won in the 90’s. Now thats not to say they will win six, but I think there are a couple cups in the next few years. They are going to be the next chamo in this town.

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