Sho(u)t of the day 10/28

The story below is one of the most amazing sports stories I have seen in years. I hope the whole world could see this one.

Teel equals ladies’ benchmark with impressive set of games


THE VILLAGES —It doesn’t surprise the local bowling community when Carol Teel posts big numbers on the lanes. But last week, Teel outdid herself, even by her own high expectations

The Village of Amelia resident rolled an 827 (238-289-300) series at Fiesta Bowl capping it with a perfect game in the finale of the three-game set. The series surpassed the Leesburg Bowling Association ladies record of 795, which Teel set in 2008.

“I knew I needed a 273 game for an 800 series. It was a tall order and I was just going one frame at a time,” Teel said.

To put it in perspective, the senior ladies’ national record is the same 827 score Teel shot. Karen Pullman bowled that series in 2001 season when she was 58 years old.

Teel will not share in that record because at age 53 she is not considered a senior by the United States Bowling Congress. Although the senior professional tours consider a bowler over 50 years old to be eligible to compete, the USBC considers seniors to be 55 and over.

What seemed to be a premature celebration in the last game confused some people.

“I knew I needed a mark when I got to the 10th. When I got the strike on the first ball in the 10th, I was really happy. People were kind of wondering why I was so happy and had two balls to go for a perfect game.”

It was a series in which Teel had 30 strikes out of 34 throws.

“I left three 10-pins and a four-pin,” Teel said.

She began the night with a 238 game, which featured eight strikes and three nine-spares. In her next game, Teel entered the 10th frame with a chance at a 300 game. Teel struck on the first ball, left a 10-pin on her 11th ball and picked up the spare. That left her short of a perfect game with a 289. In the third game, Teel was perfect in converting 12 strikes.

Beginning with a strike on her final ball of the first game, Teel rolled off a streak of 23 strikes in 24 rolls to finish the night.

“It felt unreal. I didn’t have one negative thought all night,” she explained. “I thought all of my shots had been in the pocket, and there was no reason for them not to be in the 10th frame.”

Teel once rolled an 804 three-game set, but it came at the end of a four-game series and is not recognized officially. The perfect game was Teel’s sixth of her career. She now has two perfect games in The Villages this year.

There have been two other 300 games shot by ladies in the history of bowling in The Villages.

Earlier this year, Teel notched six gold medals and a bronze while competing in seven events in the 47th Lee Evans Tournament of the Americas. She scored 6,950 in 36 games of the international competition.

Teel has set a new goal for herself.

“I’d like to shoot a higher 800 series,” she said. “I work a lot on my game and get a lot of support from guys like my husband Jerry, Bob Chamberlain, Dick Merrill and Rob Wiltsie.”

Teel was not the only member of her family to roll big at Fiesta Bowl last week. Her husband won the Senior Bowlers’ of America tournament Saturday, defeating Hall-of-Famer Dave Soutar in the final match.

There was another reason the huge series was so important to Teel.

“My mom and sister were visiting and watching me bowl,” Teel said. “We just lost my dad and he was always very supportive of my bowling. He wore one of my 300 watches and my Mom had just returned it to me. I think he was watching over me.”


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