Lovie:Who is responsible for making the Bears a national joke?

Wojciechowski: Bears have become a punch line

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Jay takes another sack. Will he last the season?

Just read the above article and see how the rest of the country views the Bears. They don’t! Even the networks cut away from the Bears’ game because they couldn’t wait for the last fan to switch the channel. I know I left the bar in disgust at halftime. I didn’t even wait for that slap in the face. What the heck can I say that goes beyond what the  media in Chicago is saying. I do laugh though at columnists like  David Haugh spending a whole column talking about Lovie Smith’s shortcomings, then says he deserves another year of shame. This is kind of like saying I know the problem, but I’m not gonna follow in Rush Limbaugh’s footsteps and say it. Well I will say it. The only bottom line is that the Bears and their fans are now laughingstocks and the management in charge is responsible and should pay a price, not get another 11 million dollars or so. As I said with Ozzie Guillen, when the hell does someone pay the price for total humiliation and not playing like professional football players. It is not the losing. The team had Dick Butkus and Gale Sayers and lost all their games but one. But at least they gave effort. They kept us watching, waiting to see what will happens as the game   goes along. This current team has the fans leaving the bars at halftime, muttering something like “why the hell did I waste that hour of my life?” Sunday’s game was disgusting. I think Lovie Smith should go as soon as possible because he can’t ever get another contract after these sorry exhibitions this year. May as well cut our losses and start over. Before we get worse than Tampa Bay! Or the Cleveland Browns!


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