Tracy Mc Grady on the Bulls? Shout of the Day I commented on this blog. Add comments here.

I commented on the blog post on Comcast Sportsnet. I am not sure this is a great idea. Here are my thoughts: I think I kinda like the idea, but after seeing him for years in Orlando I am hesitant. He is kind of a ball hog and not much on defense. Where would he fit? Small forward? Where does Deng go? Shooting guard? Will that hurt Salmons, who is a real plus? And I still get queasy about giving up on Tyrus Thomas. The worst deal John Paxon made was getting rid of Tyson Chandler for a veteran and that did not work. Imagine Tyson and Noah on the front line….. I still think Thomas and Noah are almost to that stage. I would much rather go after a guard, even a jerk like Allen Iverson.


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