Bears make me sad..and Angry!

Bears - No chance!I am spending some time this evening watching the Patriots and the Colts  play a game I don’t recognize. I spent the afternoon away from football, instead sitting on the 18th hole at the Children’s Miracle Network Golf Tournament, which was  a display of skill and professionalism by players who play a game they care about and challenge themselves to excel at. It makes me sad to think that a great city like Chicago is represented by a group of athletes who, unlike the golfers, are money grabbing pretenders. It is just very sad.

But watching the game on Sunday night also makes me angry. I am watching two teams that have players that make plays, try their best, succeed at times, fail at times. But these teams have quarterbacks that make plays, hit open receivers and dump the ball when necessary. They have coaches that design plays to take advantage of the other teams’ weaknesses. They have receivers that run the routes and give their quarterbacks a chance to make plays. They have running backs that adjust to the defense and turn failed holes into some gains by ADJUSTING.  I guess I want to say I see pro football as it should be played. And then I think that next week the Bears are going to make fools of themselves again on national tv at night. And I become angry! Angry at the poor coaching. Angry at the quarterback who doesn’t know when to throw the ball away. Angry at watching a team not caring what the other team does, but coach the game as if they are in some dream world, made up by Lovie and the gang. No adjustments.  “We are a running team” they say. But they have no line to run behind. ” We have good wide receivers” HUH? Do you have a Reggie Wayne? Wes Welker? Randy Moss? or any of the others in this game. It is a joke. And I am angry about it.


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