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Double Double …….Doubled! Noah Incredible

Noah on a rampage

If you have read my previous post you know I am a big Joakim Noah fan. I said a year ago that he was part of the Bulls base for a long time. He has now proven my confidence in him was well warranted. He lit up the Cavaliers for 21 points and 20 rebounds. This is harder than a triple double because it is a double double doubled. Noah has also become spokesman for the team as he has been constantly interviewed by the press, in he hopes he will say something provocative of stupid. You see the real press is so blind, they keep referring to him as a buffoon and a player of no consequence. They constantly harp that the Bulls have no frontcourt player of consequence and no post presence. That has become a jingle for the TV reporters. And they continue to show their stupidity over and over by repeating the mantra game after game. Well I beg to differ! Joakim will be on next year’s all star team, showing up the idiots that put Brad Miller on the ballot but not Noah. His emergence has allowed the Bulls to refocus on the thing they really need, an all star type shooter. Lebron James, Dwayne Wade or Johnson in the free agent  sweepstakes this summer. He is a franchise player now whether the press or dumb fans like it or not. There is even a column by Scoop Jackson on that you should all read that enhance my faith. His column is at