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Been away for a while

I have been away for a while watching all these Chicago teams excepth the Blackhawks self destruct. Since I last posted, the Bulls bowed out in the playoffs, which was at least a growth experience for the young players left on the team today. The White Sox pulled another Ozzie Guillen driven schizophrenic el foldo at he end of the season. The Cubs never played right and now need to back up the truck. The Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup and then proceeded to dismantle a lot of their team and will be rebuilding again for a couple years. And the Bears….  You may just read my past posts and you will have the same old, same old Bears. Lovie loved a vanilla preseason, the team started out of shape (but so was half the NFL, because they followed Lovie’s lead and refused to get prepared in the preseason) but despite no offensive line to speak of, is still in the race, mostly due to the other teams like Dallas, Minnesota, Arizona, Carolina, etc. also not getting in shape for the season.  My team by team capsule is as follows:

Chicago White Sox

Bye, bye Paul Konerko and maybe AJ. Starting pitching looking good, but they can’t make up their minds on a closer and are going to let some good relievers go with no real replacements from the minors. We need a third baseman, first baseman and a bench upgrade because we are sure to let go one or two outfielders. I will wait until Kenny makes his signings and trades, but know that it won’t be real upgrades, just churning of journeymen. Until there is some upgrades, second place may even be a stretch.

Chicago Cubs

They new manager looks like an upgrade from dimentia-challenged Lou Pinella. Carlos Zambrano is Carlos Zambrano, a question mark. They have a couple of good youngsters, but will be losing some veterans, have no first baseman, should lose Aramis but can’t see the forest for the trees. They need some pitching help and upgrades at most positions. Second and short look secure as well as catcher, everywhere else is a question mark. Let’s see what they do over the winter. Not encouraging right now. A new manager can only win a handful of games and the players need to play.


Our only champion. Kudos to the former gm now elsewhere for assembling the team that won. The new geniuses will have to try to match him. Let’s wait and see before we make a rash assumption.


They look pretty good so far, but obviously at least one player short of contention for a title. Boozer will help, but he will be replacing Taj Gibson who is playing as well as Boozer can. We need and off guard. We need Luol Deng to step even further up. The choice of guards in the free agent pool was iffy at best. Brewer is hopeless. Bogans was a flop in Orlando and will be a flop here. I wish we still had Heinrich or Gordon and forgot about Lebron the megamind. Playoffs will be a struggle. Maybe second round.


Watching the Bears is like going to the psychiatrist. You gotta talk it out to convince yourself to do it again. ‘Nuff said.


My thoughts on the first game


I have a few thoughts on what took place Sunday night:

  • Matt Forte looks to be better than advertised. I saw a little Eric Dickerson, a little Neal Anderson, and a lot of heart. What I didn’t see was any of Cedrick Benson and thank the Bears for that.
  • I saw a very similar game to the Super Bowl statistically:
  • The first snap from center winded up bounding on the ground for a fumble.
  • The Colts dropped two Orton interceptions they caught a year and a half ago.
  • The statistics were amazingly similar:
  • Rex Grossman    20/28   165 yards   1 fumble             2 int
  • Kyle Orton          13/21    150 yards  2 fumbles (r)       2 int dropped by the Colts
  • Thomas Jones     15 carries     112 yards       0 TD      long 52
  • Matt Forte           23 carries     123 yards       1 TD      long 50
  • Colts scored winning TD on Grossman  int
  • Bears scored winning TD on Harrison fumble
The Bears got the luck of the bounces on the fumbles and the Colts did not make many plays that they did in the Super Bowl. Kyle Orton looked acceptable and made some good decisions. Devon Hester looked ordinary and made some poor decisions. But all in all the Bears were able to play a game on national tv
and not embarrass themselves.  That is progress!