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Been away for a while

I have been away for a while watching all these Chicago teams excepth the Blackhawks self destruct. Since I last posted, the Bulls bowed out in the playoffs, which was at least a growth experience for the young players left on the team today. The White Sox pulled another Ozzie Guillen driven schizophrenic el foldo at he end of the season. The Cubs never played right and now need to back up the truck. The Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup and then proceeded to dismantle a lot of their team and will be rebuilding again for a couple years. And the Bears….  You may just read my past posts and you will have the same old, same old Bears. Lovie loved a vanilla preseason, the team started out of shape (but so was half the NFL, because they followed Lovie’s lead and refused to get prepared in the preseason) but despite no offensive line to speak of, is still in the race, mostly due to the other teams like Dallas, Minnesota, Arizona, Carolina, etc. also not getting in shape for the season.  My team by team capsule is as follows:

Chicago White Sox

Bye, bye Paul Konerko and maybe AJ. Starting pitching looking good, but they can’t make up their minds on a closer and are going to let some good relievers go with no real replacements from the minors. We need a third baseman, first baseman and a bench upgrade because we are sure to let go one or two outfielders. I will wait until Kenny makes his signings and trades, but know that it won’t be real upgrades, just churning of journeymen. Until there is some upgrades, second place may even be a stretch.

Chicago Cubs

They new manager looks like an upgrade from dimentia-challenged Lou Pinella. Carlos Zambrano is Carlos Zambrano, a question mark. They have a couple of good youngsters, but will be losing some veterans, have no first baseman, should lose Aramis but can’t see the forest for the trees. They need some pitching help and upgrades at most positions. Second and short look secure as well as catcher, everywhere else is a question mark. Let’s see what they do over the winter. Not encouraging right now. A new manager can only win a handful of games and the players need to play.


Our only champion. Kudos to the former gm now elsewhere for assembling the team that won. The new geniuses will have to try to match him. Let’s wait and see before we make a rash assumption.


They look pretty good so far, but obviously at least one player short of contention for a title. Boozer will help, but he will be replacing Taj Gibson who is playing as well as Boozer can. We need and off guard. We need Luol Deng to step even further up. The choice of guards in the free agent pool was iffy at best. Brewer is hopeless. Bogans was a flop in Orlando and will be a flop here. I wish we still had Heinrich or Gordon and forgot about Lebron the megamind. Playoffs will be a struggle. Maybe second round.


Watching the Bears is like going to the psychiatrist. You gotta talk it out to convince yourself to do it again. ‘Nuff said.


Double Double …….Doubled! Noah Incredible

Noah on a rampage

If you have read my previous post you know I am a big Joakim Noah fan. I said a year ago that he was part of the Bulls base for a long time. He has now proven my confidence in him was well warranted. He lit up the Cavaliers for 21 points and 20 rebounds. This is harder than a triple double because it is a double double doubled. Noah has also become spokesman for the team as he has been constantly interviewed by the press, in he hopes he will say something provocative of stupid. You see the real press is so blind, they keep referring to him as a buffoon and a player of no consequence. They constantly harp that the Bulls have no frontcourt player of consequence and no post presence. That has become a jingle for the TV reporters. And they continue to show their stupidity over and over by repeating the mantra game after game. Well I beg to differ! Joakim will be on next year’s all star team, showing up the idiots that put Brad Miller on the ballot but not Noah. His emergence has allowed the Bulls to refocus on the thing they really need, an all star type shooter. Lebron James, Dwayne Wade or Johnson in the free agent  sweepstakes this summer. He is a franchise player now whether the press or dumb fans like it or not. There is even a column by Scoop Jackson on ESPN.com that you should all read that enhance my faith. His column is at http://sports.espn.go.com/chicago/nba/columns/story?columnist=jackson_scoop&page=jackson/100421

Del Negro finds reports of his firing ‘just funny’

Del Negro finds reports of his firing ‘just funny’ :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: John Jackson.

Well. At least Chicago has one sportswriter who has a clue. The other sheep like to echo the saying of the day: [we need a coach that can teach Derrick Rose the point guard position] [We need a coach who can manage the clock] [Vinnie is dead coach walking] [The decision to fire Vinnie has already been made] Actually what they didn’t say says a lot about them, The same writers use reverse logic when it comes to Lovie Smith. Why? They are reverse racists, that’s why. When anyone publicly calls for Lovie’s firing, they say they are racist because Lovie is black. And when the white coach is having injury  and personnel problems he has to go immediately. (Christmas Eve?) When Lovie’s defensive scheme’s are utter failures, they say Brian Urlacher is out, so it doesn’t count.

I love it when they say that Vinnie can’t help Derrick Rose be a better point  guard. Why? Because he is white? Like he didn’t play the position for many years? Oh, that doesn’t count.

When they say Vinnie can’t manage the clock, why? Is it because Bernie Bickerstaff didn’t call the timeout? He certainly added his two cents before Vinny calls those timeouts. But they forget that also.

When they say Vinnie is dead coach walking do they explain why? No they just pontificate about the record being 11-18.

When they say the decision to fire Vinnie has already been made, I agree. BY THEM. No wonder Vinnie laughs it off.

Now I know political correctness rules everything today and a white sportwriter cowers in fear to ever be referred to as another Rush Limbaugh and lose their cushy job with perks galore. But how about some even-handed reporting like the above referenced article. And the writer is not white, but a great writer. See another article he wrote on another page on this website. I posted his article on Chicago sports because it was a great article. Fair. Even-handed. Terrific.

Kudos John Jackson!

I know I threw out some broad insinuations in this  article, and I know there are beat writers and there are editorialists. But some of the beat writer sometimes are interviewed on tv and sometimes they crow the line that seems the safest. But there is also a lot of cross pollenation where the writers go on TV and spout some of the lines reffered to in this   article. Sometmes it looks like they don’t even mean what they say. This is what I refer to. Not just their articles. But the overall gist of what becomes a jingoism and concensus.

Tracy Mc Grady on the Bulls? Shout of the Day

http://bit.ly/bao6h? I commented on this blog. Add comments here.

I commented on the blog post on Comcast Sportsnet. I am not sure this is a great idea. Here are my thoughts: I think I kinda like the idea, but after seeing him for years in Orlando I am hesitant. He is kind of a ball hog and not much on defense. Where would he fit? Small forward? Where does Deng go? Shooting guard? Will that hurt Salmons, who is a real plus? And I still get queasy about giving up on Tyrus Thomas. The worst deal John Paxon made was getting rid of Tyson Chandler for a veteran and that did not work. Imagine Tyson and Noah on the front line….. I still think Thomas and Noah are almost to that stage. I would much rather go after a guard, even a jerk like Allen Iverson.

Bulls open season as winners – Heinrich, Noah BIG

Derrick Rose looked like himself, Chicago Bulls looked like winners — chicagotribune.com

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Joakim Noah gets double double facing Tim Duncan

Joakim Noah gets double double facing Tim Duncan

The Chicago Bulls looked like winners in last night’s opener at the United Center vs The San Antonio Spurs. It was a team performance through and through and if John Salmon’s could hit a few shots, it would have been a blowout. Joakim Noah  had a double double even though he was matched against the great Tim Duncan. Kirk Heinrich not only had 14 points but also 6 rebounds, 2 blocked shots and made Tony Parker irrelevant. His defense was only an example of the whole team playing team defense and shared scoring with 6 players in double figures.

The Chicago media is raving about Derrick Rose and he had a good game for someone playing the first time in four weeks. But he was only a contributor to the team effort. Tyrus Thomas had a big third quarter that salted the game away. Luol Deng celebrated his return with 17 points and nine rebounds. Brad Miller contributed 9 points as well to the team effort. John Salmons missed a boat load of shot and still had 10 points, so his season can only improve.  The most impressive thing is that the team looked steady and professional throughout  the game and had no long dry spells. And unlike the last few years there was no third quarter drought, instead they took the lead and built it up steadily. Impressive.

Our local sportswriters are writing how the Bulls will either not make the playoffs, or maybe match last years’  .500 season. They are all lamenting the loss of Ben Gordon like it will cost the Bulls the playoffs. I think they are dead wrong. I not only think they will have at least 45-50 wins, but I think they can get as high as third seed in the Eastern Conference. I think Orlando and Cleveland may have better records, but I like the team, their attitude, their ability to play defense and the maturity Noah and Thomas are showing on both ends of the court. Go Bulls!

Sho(u)t of the Day 9/11


Watching Jerry Sloan reminds me why I love the Bulls. MJ soon. What a night! The Hall of Fame is much richer. I hope Norm Van Lier and Johnny Kerr get in some day, not just with tributes.

Look at this link to appreciate MJ in the best light:


Bulls bring back Jannero Pargo on 1-year deal

Bulls bring back Jannero Pargo on 1-year deal :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES

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Well, the Bulls have done it again. They slapped us in the face rather than thank all the fans for their support of constantly rebuilding teams. With Alan Iverson and Llamr Odom out there to add some major ability to the bench on this team, we cheap out and resign Jannero Pargo from the minor leagues of Europe. Instead of adding pieces like the other contenders, we add a second rate minor leaguer off the scrap heap. I don’t want to berate Mr. Pargo, who I know is a great guy and a passable 12th man, but they just told us they have punted the upcoming season. The Cavs add Shaq, The Lakers add Artest, the Pistons add Ben Gordon, The Magic add Vince Carter, and the Bulls add Pargo. Is this advancement toward a tiltle? Forget it. And the Dwayne Wades of the world are watching how aggressive this Chicago team is in building a contender. And we will watch them sign next year elsewhere. And the Bulls will choke on that cap room.